Monday, March 2, 2009

10 months old?

Since there is no February 29th, except every four years.. we have made today Zoey's 10 month works for me.. more than anything Zoey has learned soo much this month, and is really becoming more and more like a little person rather than a little baby.. so here is 10 month Zoey!

Zoey can...
-eat anything off a spoon and feed herself
-do "so big"
-give high fives
-dance and twist
-bounce in place
-take a step or two
-play by herself for expanded periods of time
-hold her own bottle and it by herself(with us close by.. of course)
-drink from a sippy
-make the elephant noise.. or try to
-give kisses
-say "dada", "mama", "og"(dog), "uhhh"(uh-oh), "gaga", "nana", "baba"

Zoey likes...
-food.. cheerios, puffs, goldfish
-making noise and banging things together
-playing on the that she can watch the dogs...
-knocking towers down
-cleaning up her books
-"reading" her books - basically turning pages
-her mom.. seriously
-tv.. sesame street.. really anything

Zoey "reading"...


Camille said...

So cute! The bottom teeth are my favourite.

Jared and Cherie said...

I can't believe she's already 10 months old! What a cutie :)