Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why is zoey so happy?

...Cause her nana, papa, and uncle brett and steven were just here... My parents and lil' brothers came into town for a couple days.. just long enough to spoil her rotten! which is what grandparents are supposed to do... of course... they let zoey play hooky from daycare and took her to the air museum and beach! Man i was jealous.. but duty called. They had a blast and we loved having them! Come more often...

Zoey and uncle brett

Zoey and nana playing telephone

I swear papa and uncle steve were there.. but i didn't any pictures.. unless you want to see papa asleep again...

- nana, i need some of your pictures!

ps - zoey has learned some new dance moves and can do the wipers on the bus... videos to come..

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