Sunday, March 29, 2009

11 month old girl

Zoey is 11 months old today... which is the scary realization that in a month she will be a year old.. i can't believe how fast time has past.. and while gary is feeling old.. i am excited for all the things zoey can do and is learning.. it seems liek we show her how to do something a couple of times and she knows how to do it... she's the smartest kid i know.. smarter than my students...

Zoey can..
- WALK!!!... she still gets around mostly by crawling.
- blow kisses and give kisses
- say "bye-bye", "papa/pop", "uh" (uh-oh), "og" (dog), "baba", "dada", "mama"
- say a ton of other giberish
- try to repeat words we say
- dance and twist when we sing
- bounce while holding on to something
- play telephone and hold the receiver to her ear - told you she was smart
- drink from a sippy cup
- eat real foods and feed herself
- sign "more" - just started.. still sparatic
- point at pictures and words while we read them
- point out where noses are... on a bear and on people...

Zoey likes..
- Food
- books.. will still read them for awhile..
- playing with her toys
- her friends at school
- walking.. trying to run
- playing with the dogs
- computers/remote controls/buttonsand tons of stuff se shouldn't have

Zoey does not like...
- sleeping
- mom and dad telling her "no"

Not her best walking but its all i can get.. when she sees the camera she stops whatever she is doing and tries to grab it...

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