Friday, October 9, 2009

17 Months...

Someone reminded me that I hadn't updated with Zoey's 17 month page.. I was surprised anyone read it..

Here's our girl at 17 months...

Zoey can...
- say a ton of phrases like.. 'oh no' 'i know' 'love you' 'thank you'
- repeat most words we say to her.. or at least try
- say everyone in the family's names
- sign a bunch of words.. new ones- halloween, candy, cracker, cookie
- say two syllable words
- run faster and faster
- climb...
- say her abc's (repeating after me)
- do the hand motions to a lot of songs
- tries to sing the songs
- recognize a ton of new objects from books and life.. she knew the sky the other day
- understand most commands like 'go get me...'

Zoey likes...
- playing
- reading books
- eating - carbs! lots and lots of carbs and mcdonalds.. go figure!
- milk
- being a ham and the center of attention
- singing songs
- doing buckles (car seat and high chair)
- playing outside

Zoey doesn't like...
- not getting her way
- going to sleep.. she has recently boycotted naps.
- getting dirty
- getting stuff on her hands

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