Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh the places we have gone...

September has been a CRAZY month for the Mattes household. We have put 3000 miles on my car in that span of time going to Gainesville TWICE, Missippi, Tampa, Orlando TWICE, Richmond and finally home! We even had a family visit in there as well! So.. needless to say we are exhausted! but had a TON of fun...

Gainesville - Gary surprised me with tickets to University of Florida football! We bought two separate games, so he went to the first game and met Darrin in G-ville. Then the next weekend we went to the FL v. Tennessee game! We enjoyed an awesome game and got to meet up with Kurt! After we met up with Brett in Tallahassee for a couple of hours! All-in-all definitely worth all the hours in the car!

Mississippi - Gary once again surprised me with tickets to KENNY CHESNEY! so we drove to Biloxi, Mississippi for the concert which was amazing! We were sooo close to Kenny! It was AWESOME!

Tampa/New Port Richey/Orlando - This was insane.. but the things you do for CHEAP flights! Last week we drove to NPR to drop off Zoey with Papa, Nana, and Abuela for the weekend, so that we could DRIVE to Orlando to take a flight to Richmond!

Richmond, Virginia - Gary's cousin Becky got married this past weekend to Mike Iaconelli! SO we went up for the wedding! It was awesome! We got to see family we hadn't seen since our wedding, and thanks to Josh and Courtney got to stay there for FREE! We had a blast! and returned on Sunday!

The 'beautiful' bride, Mike- well sort of, gary and I

Mike, Mom and I

Gary and I

Like I said, CRAZY MONTH! but we are soo thankfull that we have been able to have fun and see family!

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