Monday, October 19, 2009

Preschool Peer Pressure....

Anyone that knows our Zoey, or has seen her for more than 30 seconds, knows that she is a thumb sucker, has been since utero! And it was always the left thumb.. for whatever reason. She even has a rash on her left thumb because it is so frequently in her mouth. I feared a thumb sucker before having a kid, mostly do to the horror stories of kid's teeth after they sucked their thumbs for so long. But what is a mom to do... I can't take away her thumb.. and besides it a pretty cute thing to see a little girl sucking her thumb...

But like it or not Zoey is a thumb sucker...

Enter Preschool..

Zoey has been in preschool for almost two months. She loves school and often doesn't want to leave when we pick her up! When Zoey does get home from school she plays, she snacks, and then bedtime.. a typical day. Then last week she starts wanting a pacifier. She has done this before, but always plays with it and then puts it down ultimately preferring her thumb to the 'paci'.

Not last week.

Zoey wanted her 'paci' and wouldn't back down until she had a 'paci' in hand and mouth. So when it came to bedtime, she didn't have one, until she saw it on the dresser. I handed it to her, and figured it would go to the 'paci' dumping ground like all other paci's to date(behind her crib, after she had played with them enough to satisfy her interest).

Not this night.

About ten minutes after putting her down she screamed! I went in to check on her and low and behold the now beloved 'paci' had fallen to the floor. I handed it back and she went straight to sleep...

The next day I brought one to preschool, fearing that the same thing would happen at nap time and Zoey wouldn't sleep and wake up the other kids. When I spoke to the teacher, she said, "All the other kids have one at nap time."

PEER PRESSURE! Zoey has succumb to the peer pressure of preschool of a pacifier! Now I have to remember to find all the pacifiers in the house, and take them with us wherever we go! Nothing is worse than a 18 month breakdown in the middle of Target! I know I have seen them happen.

So now we are a pacifier family.... What's next jumping off the playground equipment, cause all the cool kids are doing it??

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Camille said...

I was a die-hard thumb sucker as a kid, and my sister, too. She had really bad teeth, but I must have quit in time to fend off the worst of it.

I do remember how nicely my thumb fit right into the roof of my mouth, though, and sometimes I sort of wish I could pick it up again.