Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back home...

It was a nice feeling being HOME again!... 
and We loved that Haley and Holly came over to greet us home!

The girls quickly put Dax back in his place...

 Zoey was missing her daddy... so made him a picture of LOVE!

Zoey basically moved in to her Grandparents house while Sam and Alex were there.. but for one night.. I took all the cousins! 

and added Haley to the mix... they had soo much fun!

I don't think this bed is made for two.. but they made it work!

we took all the kids to the beach.. and Kim showed them every sea creature out there

Thankfully all the cousins played well together.. and bonded over a few songs and dances..

Playing in Pop's truck is always fun!

We sure do miss them!

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