Friday, August 31, 2012

First Day of School!

Before the kids started school... I took them to my school for a bit... they loved walking around the big kid halls and sitting in the big kid desks!

Then on their first day of school.... They were sooo excited!

Zoey showing off her new outfit that Grandma bought.

 Me snuggling with them one more time..

Dax refusing to have his picture taken...

Zoey ready with her backpack!

Dax finally a little ok.. with his new backpack!
Unfortunately the drop off did not go as well... for anyone involved.. I cried, Dax cried... and Zoey could have cared less. School has been a little rougher this year for the kids, we are slowly working towards smooth transitions in the morning. Zoey is doing well... but still doesn't like the naps. Dax is still a little fussy in the morning, but is happy all day. 

I am finding the transition to be ok. I wish I could be home all day with my munchkins, and I am EXHAUSTED at the end of the day, but for the most part I love what I am teaching and most of the kids I teach. So its a give and take, and for now, its working. 

Gary started his new Athletic Director position at the high school, and I would say he loves it... he doesn't love the long hours away from the kids, but he loves being involved in sports again. 

Here's to a good 2012-2013 year!

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