Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Weekend!

Last weekend was pretty eventful around these parts... it started off pretty tame...

Then we had TWO sleepovers at our house... Friday night was Haley,  in preparation for Baby Smith to arrive... we needed a test run on Haley sleeping over, since she will be sleeping here when Holly goes into labor... then Saturday, Gary had his fantasy football draft at Chad's house... so I invited Maegan and Sydney over to play and sleepover... Zoey was in HEAVEN! and honestly both sleepovers went PERFECTLY!!!

On Sunday we headed to Chad and Stacey's house to deliver the girls home and swim and play for a bit... All of this action finally got to Dax and he passed out
I'm always up for some good snuggles!
and while Gary drafted his second fantasy football team... we got word that school was cancelled due to Hurrican Isaac! BONUS!

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