Thursday, August 2, 2012

Facebook Status Updates...

I often commemorate random events in life with a Facebook post... so they deserve blog recognition..

Good thing or bad thing? .. As soon as I walk into public the girl hands me coupon ad

Daxton has not had a bottle since Sunday!!!!! Yes my son is two and just getting off bottles...

Hearing Daxton tell me "you are the best girl ever" might be the best thing in the world

Gary took the kids with him so I can run errands alone!.... BEST HUSBAND/DAD EVER!

Where do my kids choose to go to lunch ...McDonald's?... No! Chik-fil-a?... No! ... Waffle house? Yes!

"come on Dax let's get ready to rock" - Zoey

Love that after Gary finished mowing the grass... I looked outside and saw him pushing zoey on the swing

Adulthood = getting excited about a new lawn mower

Gotta love a two year old locking you out of your house! Hidden key in place now

All four of us laying in bed watching scooby doo till 9 = heaven

Love that the kids can act like humans at a restaurant ... Huge victory in parenting!

Made zoey "super mad" I think that makes me "super" mom

Zoey just walked in, said "awKward" and then walked out... Bhahahaha

Found three separate pairs of black flip flops in my living room tonight.... Not including the pair i had on my feet....

"mommy Daxton said damn it" riiiiiiiiiight zoey

Watching cops and the gas station signs says $1.56/gallon... I don't know what is worse.. (a) that gas used to be sooo cheap or (b) that I love watching cops

Two kids playing nicely together... Nobody move or make sudden gestures .. let's see how long it can last..

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