Monday, April 7, 2008

37 weeks and new furniture!

Please try not to look at my face.. only focus on the belly! With this posting I am now excited because it means I have less than three weeks before Zoey is in the world!! With doctors visits once a week and school starting again I think the next three weeks are going to fly by.. at least hopefully... (I think Cyrus was jealous of the picture..)

We made our final pre-Zoey purchase with the help of some of the wonderful teachers that work with Gary... i love it! its so comfortable, i often will just rock there by myself.. now truly all we need is Zoey!

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!? My in-laws bought us this gorgeous table for our new house! It's perfect for the space and fits perfectly with everything else we have! Though we haven't eaten dinner on it yet i know it will be perfect for many many many family dinners to come! Thanks mom and dad!


The Helmantolers said...

Love the new background! It's super cute and totally you :)

Nelson Newz said...

So close! Have fun with that whole delivery thing. I think I could never go through that part again and be o.k. =)

Kaylene said...

Woohoo! Almost there! Your dogs are awesome, I think he makes you look tiny in this picture. :)

Will we see pictures on here as soon as humanly possible when Zoey arrives?